Why Spinning Inserts

The Advantages of
Spinning Inserts and Spin Points

Unmatched accuracy - Spinning the arrow faster stabilizes it much more quickly than a static insert arrow.

Greater arrow spin rate - Arrows spin approximately twice as fast, due to not having to spin all the FOC.

Faster down range speeds - Lighter arrows will always shoot faster right off the bow, but with Ethics Archery Spinning Inserts and Spin Points, the true speed is measured down range. The Spinning Insert and Spin Point arrow comes out on top in every speed test.

Greater penetration - You can now shoot heavier arrows, not lose speed down range, and have greater penetration.

ZERO broadhead plane - The broadhead is no longer part of the arrow, and cannot manipulate the arrow’s direction of travel.

Shoot any broadhead you choose - Archers are no longer forced to shoot mechanical broadheads to achieve field point accuracy.

No more broadhead to arrow tuning - The tedious task of broadhead to arrow tuning is eliminated. Simply sight your bow in with field points, and when it’s time to hunt , replace the field points with your most trusted broadheads.

More ethical kills - Complete pass-through shots are the ultimate desired result. Spinning Inserts add weight forward to the arrow, increasing its ability to push through its target. Lower poundage bows, higher poundage results - Archers who shoot lower poundage bows can now shoot farther with greater accuracy.

Less environmental disruption - Ethics Archery Spinning Inserts and Spin Points allow the arrow to spin faster, creating a flatter more stable arrow. Tests have shown arrows with Spinning Inserts and Spin Points outperformed the old standard static insert in downrange accuracy when shot in less than desirable wind conditions.