Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  How do I know what components I need for my arrow shaft?

A:  We have created a handy tool for you – the ARROW SHAFT LOCATOR.  You can click HERE, look on our home page in your dropdown menu, or scroll past the slideshow.


Q:  How do I cut my adjustable components?

A:  We have put together a YouTube video showing the process of cutting and installation.  Click HERE or look for the “Ethics Archery Installation Video” on YouTube.


Q:  What size field points do I use with my Ethics Archery Components?

A:  To make sure you have the correct size field points, check out the quick reference HERE.


Q:  Why isn’t my arrow listed in the ARROW SHAFT SELECTOR?

A:  Reasons you might not see your arrow shaft listed:

              - The arrow shaft is new.

              -We don’t have all the information needed to determine compatibility with Ethics Archery products.  (I.D., O.D., etc.).  If your arrow shaft isn't listed and you have all the information, send it to and we'll get it added to the ARROW SHAFT SELECTOR.


Q:  My outsert sleeves are too small for my arrow shaft.  Did I order the wrong item?

A:  The sleeves for Ethics Archery Outsert Systems are designed to be a bit smaller than the arrow shaft, so that sanding is required to get a perfect tight fit.  Refer to the "Ethics Archery Installation Video" mentioned above.