Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  How do I know what components I need for my arrow shaft?

A:  We have created a handy tool for you – the ARROW SHAFT SELECTOR.  You can find it on our home page in your dropdown menu, or scroll past the slideshow.


Q:  What product do you mainly recommend?

A:  The AL post with SS sleeve (in any component, whether it be a HIT with cap or outsert system) provides the best balance of weight & durablity.


Q:  Which is stronger, an uncut AL post with SS sleeve or cut SS post with SS Sleeve?

A:  The uncut AL post will be a more durable system as a whole, as the length that side load or torque can be applied is longer with an uncut post (deeper internal footer) which leads to fewer bends/breaks.


Q:  Is it better to have a pressed fit or to glue the sleeve?

A:  Either is fine, but a glued sleeve will provide more adjustment in terms of insert tuning.


Q:  How much play is too much with a sleeve/cap?

A:  You want to be under .003 in sizing from shaft O.D. to sleeve I.D.; at .004 you may run into some concentricity issues.


Q:  Which component does best for long draw heavy poundage, and at or above 200gr tips but want to still keep total weight down?

A:  The AL HIT with SS End Cap seem to fare the best in that special circumstance due to the amount of front leverage being applied to the component system.


Q:  Do I have to use the Ethics HIT tool for installation?

A:  No, the factory Easton tool will work, however the Ethics Archery tool is built to last and not deform.  Please reference our YouTube video for further information and tips.


Q:  Does a longer insert post make the arrow react stiffer?

A:  Yes, the longer the internal footer, the short the two nodes of flexion become.  This is why you may be able to use a 350 spine when a spine chart recommends a 300 spine.


Q:  How much does the outer sleeve cover the carbon?

A:  Roughly 1/2" depending on the shaft O.D.  Some may be a little more or just a hair less as the sleeves all weigh the same, and order to do that the length may vary slightly.


Q:  Can I use an all AL outsert system to save on total arrow weight (TAW)?

A:  We do NOT recommend an all AL system unless your are under 50-55# of KE and under a 26" draw length using a 100-150 gn tip.  If you want to save on TAW, use an AL HIT with a SS end cap (an AL end cap may do fine, but we tend to err on the SS side for structural integrity).



Q:  How do I cut my adjustable components?

A:  We have put together a YouTube video showing the process of cutting and installation.  Click HERE or look for the “Ethics Archery Installation Video” on YouTube.


Q:  What size field points do I use with my Ethics Archery Components?

A:  We definitely want to make sure you have the correct size field points – click on WHAT SIZE FIELD POINTS DO I NEED? at the main menu.


Q:  Why isn’t my arrow listed in the ARROW SHAFT SELECTOR?

A:  Reasons you might not see your arrow shaft listed:

            1.  The arrow shaft is new.

            2.  We don’t have all the information needed to determine compatibility with Ethics Archery products.  (I.D., O.D., etc.).          

If you don’t find your arrow shaft, and you have all the information, send it to and we’ll get it added to our database.


Q:  My outsert sleeves are too small for my arrow shaft.  Did I order the wrong item?

A:  Ethics Archery Outsert Systems are designed to be a bit smaller than the arrow shaft, so that sanding is required to get a perfect tight fit.


Q:  The outsert (or insert) I just received looks different than the last time I purchased it.  Why is that?

A:  We are constantly striving to improve our products, and these improvements may mean slight design changes from time to time.  


Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  Ethics Archery has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If you decide to return your purchase within 30 days, you will receive a full refund (less shipping).  After 30 days, a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund.  Returns are not accepted on clearance items or adjustable items that are pre-cut prior to shipping.


Q:  How long will it take to get my order?

A:  Generally, Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday.  We offer USPS and UPS– delivery time depends on your location and whether you select Standard, Priority or UPS Expedited Service.

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