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"Ethics Archery is top notch, veteran owned and operated. The products are hands-down great, and when something is wrong (which is hardly ever), Ethics fixes the issue no questions asked. Any time I have ever called Ethics customer service everyone was polite and answered any and every question I had."

Justin Stone

Fayetteville, NC

"Why do I choose Ethics Archery? Because they are veteran owned and help make your arrows stand up to almost anything. When you spend money on high-quality arrows you better use high-quality front end components. That's Ethics Archery."

Dwayne Mattson

Akeley, MN

"Ethics Archery is second to none when it comes to arrow components and customer service. Veteran owned and built in the USA. They are always willing to help with any questions you may have. The only components I'll ever use."

Don Eaton

Iowa Park, TX

"Ethics Archery is a veteran-owned business that uses USA steel. The components they make for the variety of arrow manufacturers is incredible. I love how easy it is to make arrows with their products. I run three different hunting arrows and one set of 3D arrows all year. The dependability and matched weight grain is the key."

Brian Kightlinger

Venango, PA

"If you are interested in tough arrows, I mean really tough arrows, there is no better product available. The flexibility of the products, the available options, the quality - all unbeatable."

Adam Cooper

Davenport, IA

"I was on the lookout for something else. Something called a Spinning Insert caught my eye one day and so I thought I'd give it a go, given the sound idea behind the design. To cut a long story short, I've now got several different setups using light Spinning Inserts to heavy stainless Outserts for different applications, all from Ethics Archery. The best tolerances and can certainly take a beating. For any style, weight, material or size, it's covered. If not, you can always get in touch with what's possibly the best customer service and I could almost bet my family jewels that what you're looking for is available in no time. There must be a reason that Ethics are the preferred components of companies worldwide. It's the fact that they are the best you can find."

Euan Rennie

Albany, Western Australia

"Ethics is a great company and provides an excellent product. The components completely enhance the integrity and quality of your arrows. It's a product that has unrivaled durability and their service is second to none. Definitely a product I will be shooting for years to come in all of my arrows."

Scott Bryant

Waseca, MN

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