SpinPoints SAMPLE

Our new Patent Pending Spin Points are taking the 3D Tournament Trail and Indoor Tournaments by storm! After completing some extensive testing, we have found the key to becoming a better archer. Since the weight of the arrows insert and point are no longer absorbing energy from the rotating arrow, there are some noticeable key advantages to have your arrows tipped with our Patent Pending Spin Points.

  • *Energy is not wasted on rotating additional weight and therefore can be retained in the arrow.

  • *The arrow is essentially spinning around the point.

  • *This provides improved consistency upon exiting the bow as well as downrange at the target.

  • *As a result, you will find improvements in accuracy and consistency.

  • *You will also enjoy a flatter shooting arrow as it will gain speed (2-8 fps in testing).

  • *It is much easier now to implement weight forward design and enjoy its advantages.

Our Spinning Inserts Will Make Any Broadhead Fly Like a Fieldpoint!

Arrow Flight/Penetration 

Better arrow flight equals better penetration. There are too many aspects of good arrow flight to go over here in detail, but, we will list a few such as arrow paradox, shaft spine, fletching (helical-offset), broadhead design, archers form, bow setup, etc.). A “conventional/standard insert” follows the arrow shafts path, which is set, due to friction from the hide, muscle, bone, and vital tissue on the arrow shaft.

Flatter Arrow Flight & Increased Penetration with Spinning Insert

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 12.05.36 AM

The spinning insert allows the broadhead to take the easiest path through the animal due to the free rotation of the broadhead, independent from the arrow shaft. The broadhead is free to deflect off bone instead of trying to cut through it.

Our insert allows the arrow to continue its rotational force once the broadhead makes contact with the animal. With a “conventional/standard insert” once contact is made with the animal the force of the arrow is used up. The “spinning insert” allows a longer force delivery since there is not a sudden stop to the arrows rotation.

Partnering with Carolina Precision Machine in Mooresville, NC, we are offering hunters everywhere a choice while providing them with American Made Archery Products! We currently make inserts for the most popular arrows and bolts from major manufacMadeinAmerica Transparentturers such as Gold-Tip, Carbon Express and Easton, with micro arrow inserts and other bolt diameter inserts coming in the near future.

Whatever setup you choose, you will get a better flying and penetrating arrow for quicker, cleaner kills.

WARNING: Extreme Penetration due to spinning insert. Know what’s behind your target as complete PASS-THROUGH is likely!

The Spinning Advantage

Our objective is to make quicker cleaner kills with less stress and suffering to the animals we hunt.

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