VanDieman Single Bevel Broadhead, 3 Pk

VanDieman Single Bevel Broadhead, 3 Pk

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Available in 225gn

The VanDieman is a Solid-Cast, Single-Bevel Design.

No screws or adjustable blades ensures a blade that spins and flies right every time, straight out of the packet.

 Heat treated to a hardness ranging between 44 & 46 Rockwell. Solid enough to get the job done, soft enough to easily sharpen to a razor-sharp edge.

The 225 Grain has a 33mm (1-1/4") cutting diameter and a 2mm thick blade.

The thick Single Bevel has been designed at a 25-degree angle; this helps to improve arrow flight and force continued arrow rotation as it passes through your target.

 Designed to give what we believe to be the best attainable combination of blade width and angle of attack to deliver devastating effects on the internal organs of your intended target.

 Maintenance - VanDieman Single Bevel Broadheads are made from black steel which is susceptible to rust.  While the black lamination is designed to protect the metal, the exposed sharpened parts need to be protected.  This can be achieved by applying a permanent marker to all exposed metal.  Other options are to apply bowstring wax or lanolin to these surfaces.

 Sharpening - A razor-sharp edge can easily be achieved with a sharpening stone and a steel.

Our preferred method is to work the beveled edge first until we can feel a small burr the full length of the flat side of the blade.  Then take the burr off the blade by alternately working the flat and the beveled sides until the desired effect is achieved.  Then we give the Broadhead a touch up with the steel.  After sharpening, coat the exposed edges as discussed above to protect the metal from the elements.