OPTI-VANE II Archery Vanes

OPTI-VANE II Archery Vanes

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OPTI-VANE II - The 2nd Generation Optimum Archery Vane

This new lower profile vane and aerodynamic design provides greater surface area than the original OPTI-VANE to increase steerage and promote greater accuracy even when shooting broadheads.  This new design has also shown to increase arrow speed over standard vanes.  For the crossbow, shooting the OPTI-VANE II's lower profile provides clearance for all models.

  • 24% More surface area for optimum steerage
  • Lower profile for optimum clearance
  • Aerodynamic design for optimum arrow speed
  • For optimum accuracy - durability - adhesion
  • For optimum broadhead flight / performance
  • Optimum clearance for crossbows
  • Fusion™ Technology by Norway Industries