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Ethics Archery

Our company was born out of a passion for bow hunting. Founded in 2008, Ethics Archery has been constantly researching and refining our product to bring you the best archery products available. The thing we are most excited about as a company is the opportunity to collaborate with hunters and competitive archers to discover new and innovative archery products.

***Weights subject to change without notice.***


Makes any broadhead fly like a field point!

Arrow Flight/Penetration
Better arrow flight equals better penetration. There are many aspects to good arrow flight - too many aspects to go over here in detail. But we will list a few such as arrow paradox, shaft spine, fletching (helical-offset), broadhead design, archer’s form, bow setup, etc.). A "conventional/standard" insert follows the arrow shaft’s path, which is set, due to friction from hide, muscle, bone, and vital tissue on the arrow shaft.

Arrow Flight/Penetration with Spinning Insert
The Spinning Insert allows the broadhead to take the easiest path through the animal due to the free rotation of the broadhead, independent from the arrow shaft. The broadhead is free to deflect off bone instead of trying to cut through it. WARNING: Extreme penetration due to Spinning Insert! Know what's behind your target - complete PASS-THROUGH is very likely!
The Spinning Insert allows the arrow to continue its rotational force once the broadhead makes contact with the animal. With a "conventional/standard” insert, once contact is made with the animal the force of the arrow is used up. The Spinning Insert allows a long force delivery since there is not a sudden stop to the arrow’s rotation.

Arrow Flight/Broadhead
When bow, arrow, and archer are tuned to perfection you may still have trouble with a broadhead arrow’s flight. Fixed-blade broadheads have a steering effect on arrows like the rudder on a boat. This is why many fixed-blade broadheads are vented to lessen the rudder effect.
This is the reason for mechanical broadheads being invented in the first place. The price paid for blades being vented is weaker blades, more surface friction due to vents clogging with tissues, and noisy arrow flight. What about mechanicals? Sure, the arrow flight is better, but at what cost? Smaller weak blades break and bend, there is massive loss of energy to open the blades on impact, sometimes blades don’t open on impact, and at times there is complete broadhead failure.

Arrow Flight/Broadhead with Spinning Insert
With the Spinning Insert, the broadhead does not spin at the same rate as the arrow shaft. This dramatically lessens the broadhead’s steering and wind plane. The Spinning Insert allows fixed-blade broadheads to fly like mechanicals or field points (with a properly tuned bow).

Other benefits:

  • Allows archers who cannot draw heavier bows to hunt bigger game due to added penetration.
  • Allows archer to lower draw weight and achieve the same penetration.
  • The use of any "screw-in" broadhead made, allowing the archer to use their favorite broadhead.
  • Makes every broadhead a better penetrating broadhead.
  • Less arrow drift in wind conditions.
  • No more indexing broadheads.
  • Compatible with weight tubes in arrows.

Our objective is to make quicker cleaner kills with less stress and suffering to the animals we hunt. No broadhead will make up for a bad shot. However, we can limit as many variables that go into a bad shot as possible by lowering draw weights so we can hold steadier on target. Shoot soundly designed fixed-blade broadheads, and have your arrow tuned to perfection. The Spinning Insert will allow you to do all these things and give you more penetration, too.

We’ve had much technological advancement in bow design. Now it is the arrow’s turn to advance! That is what the Spinning Insert does – advances arrow technology. There has been complete pass-through on every one of the 100+ various big game animals harvested with the Spinning Inserts.

Ethics Archery is proud to be a veteran-owned business.